Tutor Programme

“ I have made lots of new friends and I feel safe in school.” Student

We are very proud of our tutor programme which we consider to be the sixth lesson of the day and which we believe plays a key role in the development of all our students. An example is included below:

Morning Registration:         

Each morning

Thought for the Day/Messages

  • Registration followed by essential messages and then an opportunity to reflect on the "Thought for the day" which follows the theme of the week.

Afternoon Registration:

Monday News
  • Each week Andrew Daly (Headteacher) prepares a series of stories from the news to be discussed and debated.
Tuesday Form tutor collective worship
  • Each week we have a theme of the week, which is developed further, investigated and discussed in order to provoke thought and consideration on the theme.
Wednesday Assembly/Chapel
  • Each week a Year group Act of collective worship and assembly will take place and alternate weeks an Act of collective worship in the school chapel will take place.
Thursday DEAR (Drop Everything and Read)
  • Every week at the same time across the school, everyone (except for the Sixth Form who are in assembly), drop everything and read.
Friday Year group activity
  • Every year group for one Tutor period does something unique to their year group.  This might include for example quizzes, revision, discussion on the school, school council minutes or planning for a year group event.
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